CNN Final Project

December 8, 2008

I finally finished my final project along with the thousand of term reports I had to complete. I want to give a special thank you to Lee Harvey Oswald and Vito for helping me out with the beats. (Your music is awesome!) This project I was allowed to pick my clips and start from scratch. I also added some film given to me by one of our special professors at Georgia State Univ. (The super 16mm clips)

Please feel free to post any comments or suggestions.

Yours truly,


Internship Projects

December 4, 2008

Dear Fans,

I have been working as an intern for CNN International Sales and Marketing Department for over 4 months now. I compile footage of previously viewed ads for our clients and package new creative material to show them at their request. Here was my first video project about the CEO’s of technology in 2008.


This video we did for the Mother Nature Network. A new website that offers environmental news and information about making our world a green friendly place. 

Note to viewers- The ad for MNN is on Mr. Green’s t-shirt.

The Journey to Colorado

December 15, 2012

Upon my arrival to the Denver International Airport a feeling of distress and fatigue washes over me. The plan I intended hasn’t worked and now I am left with helpless worry. I quickly charge my dead cell phone, “pull it together Rob, you should get something to eat.” The veggie sub cost me $10.00. I frantically search the web for new destinations for room and board. I work and tittle my thumbs adjusting finances and emails. A quick call for business prospects. Then I fall asleep.

I wake up, and to much happiness I found a place. She is a nice elder woman who speaks French, a big plus. So then I get enough courage and confidence to explore the new world I’m in. The esoteric facility has thousands of cameras hovering over people like the all seeful eye like 1984. I take pictures of the murals and statues. Then its off the the public bus to arrive in the city.

During the bus ride, I couldn’t imagine why I felt so tired. I fell asleep on the way there. I suddenly wake up 1 stop before my destination. The bus driver was more than accommodating. On the bus I booked a room for a hostel my dear friend Ashley recommended to me. My goal was to check in as soon as possible. I waited for the next city bus to take me there. When I get on a short woman with a bright purple jacket greets me and strikes conversation. She tells me how wonderful God is and invites me for supper at the church she frequents. I agreed remembering of my mothers traditions.

Linda has skin cancer. We talk about her treatments at the University of Colorado. She claims to be Catholic and believes angels guide her in life. When we arrive at the doorsteps of the church it appeared to be stoic with finely carved columns built into the structure. The doors are locked so we take the back lower level entrance. There I meet a new friend on the way to the restroom named Josh. Josh looks to be in his early 30s, school teacher, and mesmerized by my cover art on the cell phone I carried. (Lady Guadeloupe) 

We drank coffee and had squash soup with seafood biscuit. I couldn’t help but have seconds. The discussion is about God and the new incites of perspectives. What interested me about the topic was the associations to the number 3. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as they called it. I kept an open mind even to those naive comments about the world ending and Armageddon.  So I asked about outer space beings, and the priest replied,”The Vatican has release information about the possibility of beings in space.” It sparked interest to some of those in the crowd with “hmm’s.”

I knew after my question to the priest in front of the crowd had probably challenged the belief systems of others, which is why I didn’t see Linda before she left. I arrived at the church around 6 and didn’t leave until 9ish. When Josh began to take the discussions about killing to an extreme is around the time I failed to entertain his line of questions. So I left early to get to the hostel. It was a good 30 to an hour walk. When I got there, they told me I wasn’t signed up until the Monday. Fortunately I was able to get a room.


Where am I?

January 17, 2012

I wake up next to a woman with brown hair. I can’t tell what color her eyes are because she’s still sleeping. My left shoulder are makes an alarming click sound the moment I try to rise out of bed. The  mattress is firm with an absorbing response to pressure. 

I begin to say to myself,”What am I doing here? How did I get here? If the man and woman from the adjacent bed next to me would know the answers to my questions?” Everyone in this room I wake up to is still asleep. The sunlight pierces through the blinds and glass doors. 

My shoulder aches yet my body tells me its time to stretch, but the very instant my feet touch the ground I immediately open a laptop on the carpet floor. My mind knows what to do with the project I’m working on. Its a video that needs information coded onto a blank disc. On my way over towards a room with a toilet I pick up a small device with no buttons. It accompanies me to the restroom while I extrude excrements from an orphic of my body I cannot see. 

My mind already knows how to function this buttonless device. Its much different from the laptop I was using to type these words. I begin to feel lighter weight and my body begins to feel uncomfortable sitting on the hard surface below. On my way out I think of another device. I pick a drawer and pull out a brush. There’s a button on the handle and lacks an ergonomic feel. I press this button and the brush begins to vibrate. I use it on my pasted teeth. I watch a video on the small device I brought with me. Someone walks in the bathroom while I’m watching. We both mumble sounds to each other. I feel comfort in the sound. 

Now everyone is awake. I start my day. What is to come next? 

I don’t know.

Yeah it’s me

August 2, 2011


Trying out the new wordpress app. I’m beginning to write more thoughts in my notepad than on my blog site. I guess it’s two different experiences since the new digital frontier has come into fruition.

GA TZM goes to TVP

March 28, 2011

TZM GA chapter goes the visit Jacque Fresco

Random picks during Xmas

December 4, 2010